Flaco Sandoval and Blanco Vega, Part 1

Flaco Sandoval and Blanco Vega are out in the woods on military training but the only type of training these two are interested in is getting off! Not that they need any training for that. They obviously already know what to do. Blanco, who's gotten a whiff of the cocksucker in his army buddy, grabs Flaco's hand and places it on his crotch. With very little coaxing, Flaco is soon groping Blanco and getting him hard. Blanco whips out a juicy, uncut piece and face fucks Flaco, thrusting into his mouth as if he were using a toy. It doesn't take long before Flaco is deep throating the curved cock as if he'd been doing it all his life. After a while, Blanco returns the favor, chowing down on Flaco's thick uncut tool. And you can just imagine the musky scent of his balls after being out in the woods all day. This is only part one and for those of you with an oral fixation, it's just that…dick service. So if you're into anal, stick around for part two, coming soon!
Featuring:  Blanco Vega, Flaco Sandoval
Release Date: 02/15/2018