Flaco Sandoval and Blanco Vega, Part 2

In part one a couple of weeks ago, taking a break from the military training, Blanco Vega showed Flaco Sandoval the pleasure of sucking dick, as well as getting serviced. Now, in part two, he's ready to push the envelope. After some mutual masturbation, Blanco plays with the naked Latino's ass. With a bit of spit -- but mostly sweat -- Blanco takes Flaco's sweet, virgin fuckhole. Flaco is a quick learner and soon rides the raw piece of meat with gusto, impaling himself the way only bareback twinks can, with the focus and determination to take every inch of cock up his hungry ass! He soon gives up control and, bent over near a tree, Blanco pounds away until he blows his load all over Flaco's ass, pushing his cum inside and seeding his hole. As a reward for being such a good bareback bottom, Blanco drops to his knees and Flaco immediately pumps out a thick, rich, and creamy load of jizz meant for sharing.
Featuring:  Blanco Vega, Flaco Sandoval
Release Date: 02/27/2018