Peter Peterson and Leo Cooper

Having popped Peter Peterson’s cherry and introducing him to raw anal sex, Leo Cooper can’t stop thinking about his bareback twink neighbor. Nor can he stop thinking about how badly he wants to have sex with him again! So, one afternoon, while Peter’s parents are out, Leo wanders into the apartment and into Peter’s room. He flops down into bed and after chatting, they get down to business. This time, however, instead of getting fucked, Peter wants to know what it feels like to sink his fat dick inside Leo’s hot ass. Peter can hardly believe his luck, or so it seems, as he pulls Leo’s cock out and starts sucking like a champ, the way Leo taught him. After offering up his own cock for Leo to suck, Peter is delighted that, once again, Leo is taking the lead. The muscled jock lubes up, sits on the chunky twink’s cock and rides him like an eager hound. Peter’s a quick study and he’s soon pumping ass like he was born to do it. After placing Leo on his side and sliding home, Peter thrusts in and out of his jock hole until he blows his wad all over Leo’s washboard abs in an explosive climax.
Featuring:  Leo Cooper, Peter Peterson
Release Date: 02/09/2018