Raw Sports - Jerry and Maxx

Rollerblading buddies Jerry Harris and Maxx work up a sweat one Saturday morning. Then, because neither one wants to leave but can’t invite anyone back to their place because of their current living situations, they decide to hit a local bathhouse. There, they wash away the dirt and grime, playing with the water, and themselves, before making out. Maxx, who still has a girlfriend, has always been curious to be with another guy and Jerry, who’s always had a thing for the tall and slender twink, allows him full access to his cock. Jerry fucks his face and Maxx eagerly becomes Jerry’s cocksucker. Soon, however, Jerry is making sweet love to Maxx’s big cock, lapping at the cum-laden balls with his tongue. Once Maxx has had enough, however, he tries out the one thing he’s been most curious about, the one thing his girlfriend won’t give him…ass. Maxx slowly works his lengthy cock inside Jerry, fucking the bareback twink before giving it a try himself. And there, on the tiled shower floor, like pigs in heat, Maxx straddles Jerry and rides his cock, bouncing up and down while his own dick flops round and round. Impaled on Jerry’s throbbing dick, Maxx fucking himself and strokes out a hefty load before taking Jerry’s load on the chin and swallowing down more than half.
Featuring:  Jerry Harris, Maxx
Release Date: 04/28/2018