Nick Daniels, Alan Capier and Tom Smith

Alan Capier and Nick Daniels invite Tom Smith over for bareback sex. Tom Smith isn't exactly a twink, but he sure likes having sex with them! Alan and Nick get busy until Tom arrives, throwing himself on them both. He kisses one, then the other and the twinks practically pull Tom out of his clothes. They take turns sucking Tom's cock and playing with his smooth body and Alan, once again, winds up in the middle. After they all trade blowjobs, Alan rides Tom, then Nick. He bounces back and forth from one to the other, fucking his own bare hole with their raw cocks. After a while Nick and Tom bend Alan and tag-team his holes, fucking him from either end. After popping his load, Nick gets a double-cum facial from Alan and Tom, leaving all of them quite satisfied.
Featuring:  Alan Capier, Nick Daniels
Release Date: 07/24/2018